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Governing information of Identity Verification

Governing information of Identity Verification.


Identity security is central to the national security of the people served by the Church. The governing body of the Church has always cooperated with and supported the lawful and natural need for the protection and economic security of the people and their institutions. It is vital to the health and well being of society to protect the inhabitants and citizens in all nations and countries.

The misuse of false or stolen identities undermines efforts to combat criminal activities. It is essential to the security and economic interests that the identities of the men and women accessing services, benefits, official documents and positions of trust of Church government, can be accurately verified.

The Church Government is working to improve identity security to protect its people from crime and abuse and assure the security and efficient distribution of its benefits.

Our current initiatives include:

International Identity Security Strategy

The Church Government is leading action on the International Identity Security Strategy.

The Strategy is based on a cross-jurisdictional, personal networking approach to maximize its effectiveness and interoperability across all national and corporate governments.

Church Governing Councils and Congregations Governments (CGCC) considered identity security in the development and implementation of an identity security strategy, underpinned by an inter-governmental agreements (IGA), the development and implementation of the Ministry of Records document verification service to combat the fear of the misuse of false and stolen identities measures that could be adopted by all jurisdictions.

The CGCC are in agreement with the following IGA detailed here:

l     abiding faithfully to standards and procedures for authentication and certification issue for proof of identity documents (POI),

l     application of verification and security seals on POI documents,

l     establishing personal communication to enable organizations to verify key POI documents,

l     maintaining the accuracy and security of personal identity information,

l     assuring greater confidence in the authentication of individuals, and

l     enhancing the international access for these identity security measures.

The Church in cooperation with the CGCC provides a governance framework to guide and protect legitimate interests of society world wide.

International Document Verification Services

The international document verification services is provided by the Records Ministry (HHCRM), a governmental arm of the Church. commitment to protecting the identity of of its Ordained, Licensed and Commissioned Ministers and the people in the congregations of record served by the Church. The Records Ministry provides a secure, electronic, on-line system that can be used to check, in real time, whether a particular proof-of-identity document (POI) that has been presented by an individual within the Church or bound in congregation is authentic, accurate and up-to-date.

The Records Ministry does not store any personal information on-line. Requests to verify a document are encrypted and sent via a secure communications pathway to appropriate requesting Church government bodies or other national governments or corporate agencies and institutions. If a document ‘matches’ information held by the issuing government authenticating network, a ‘ yes verified’ response is transmitted to appropriate requesting government or entity; otherwise, a ‘not valid’ response is returned indicating that the document details were not properly verified.

ID Theft prevention procedures

A number of ID theft procedures within the intimate chain of authentication established within the network of the whole Church government should prove valuable asset. They enable individuals to provide evidence of their identity to allow them access to services and benefits and to conduct everyday transactions in the world. Lost or stolen identity documents cannot easily be fraudulently used to establish false identities because of the personal contact within the verification process. HHCRM identity document issuers have been ready to work together with institutions and law enforcement agencies world wide to improve the management and verification of identity documents in all nations.