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A Citizenship of Church Ministers and Populous

A Citizenship of Church Ministers and Populous

Basileia Ouranos. Latreia diakonia


Because many Governments operate in a variety of governmental forms and the Church is appointed by Christ and restricted to his service through complete faith it has become necessary to provide government ID that clarifies the unique and separate status of the ministers of the Church.

Ministers of the Church are already excluded in many governments from participation in governments of those countries even without the restrictions imposed on it by Christ. Many government social welfare schemes require its citizen members to participate. Any program dependent upon forced contributions, rather than charity is forbidden by the teachings of Christ and the prophets before him. The Church ministers are excluded and many governments recognize that exclusion.


Passports and Laissez-Passer

Passports are seldom issued by governments of countries without a requirement of service and allegiance. Members of religious orders have no personal estate and their service is already restricted to the service of Christ. They often cannot apply for or obtain passports in many countries without violation of their unique status.

It has become essential in the modern world in order to provide a uniform and secure travel documents for members of the church who cannot obtain such documents in any other way, that the Church issues its own documents based upon international standards of identification. These are not "camouflage passports" used by international travelers to avoid abuse by terrorists.

They are perfectly legal documents issued by one of the oldest governments in the world. They can be used in every nation accompanied with other Church letters of credence to opening a bank account, obtaining a visa, etc…

In governments, such as pure republics, obtaining local documentation is still possible. But for the Church to produce a uniform recognition all ordained ministers should obtain and maintain Church documents as their primary source of identification.

The validity of these documents are based on a Chain of the Authentication and authority of the Church stems back to the first apostles including Peter, James, John and the other apostles appointed by Christ. Christ's throne stems back to David, Israel and Moses and Abraham, Melchisedec and Noah. The Church has issued recognized identification at least since the use of “Logos” provided in the Justinian codes and “Titulus” in the first century.

Strict adherence to international standards exceeding those of most countries is required in the production of these government documents and they are no different than any other government identification and verification programs. The recording the births, baptisms, and marriages of families has always been the province of its body of ministers who serve its people and provides the benefits of that government.

That record of the Church government is established by the ministers of record and the consistent witness of the people and helps to identify and protect the Church and those in congregation in the performance of its duty to God the Father and His people by identifying them and establishing the intent, obligations, rights, and responsibilities of all those who comprise the whole Church and the people in congregation as well as the authority by which the Church does act and the people live as free souls under God.

Other Identification

Because of the modern consolidation of Identification ID cards and passport systems the church has established numerous forms of ID to assist its ministers in their travels and the performance of their duties and mission.